Bra-less Bra is the only breast-lifting tape that supports allllll the way to an N-Cup and is style & size customizable without scissors.

Almost every woman can benefit from a little lift, some more than others. Industry statistics indicate that 75% of the bra-buying population is a D-cup or larger, yet the fashion industry largely ignores women with bigger cups sizes. While larger busted women are sent to ‘specialty’ boutiques to get bras that actually fit them, the statistics show that larger-busted women are the norm, not the exception. Yet, larger busted women are penalized in a variety of ways. Moreover, we have fewer choices, and those choices, generally cost more money.

Many products on the market claim to fit up to a G-cup. At Bra-Less Bra, we start our product strength matrix at DD-cup. That means, not only is it designed to hold up voluminous flesh, but it’s also engineered to be as gentle as possible on the skin. Our patent pending, specially designed breast-tape has been successfully tested on women as large as an N-cup.

Bra-Less Bra is an adhesive tape and like every adhesive tape it can scrape, bruise or damage skin, even when applied and removed properly.
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    Bra-Less Bra is powered-up by Zuke-iT, a company that is 100% women-owned and operated seeking solutions to literally support women. We don’t believe in figure flaws, we believe in figure aspects and we know the time is now to fire your bra as your fashion consultant.


    Bra-Less Bra breast-tape is manufactured in the U.S.A. All materials for our tape are sourced, secured and manufactured on our home soil. Our product is produced and manufactured in clean and sterile conditions in the Heartland of America.


    Yes, it would be cheaper to manufacture in other countries, but we wanted to be able to keep a close eye on our processes and make sure that all the way down the line, workers are being treated fairly, honestly and ethically.  


    We also love supporting other U.S. businesses, especially small businesses.We have been testing our product for nearly three years under the watchful eye of our Team-Dermatologist, Dr. Bobbi Edwards of Southfield, Michigan. We wouldn’t be able to do that, if we were manufactured offshore. We have faith in our product because of personal relationships with the people who are assisting us as we build our brand.


    Zuke-iT is certified Minority Business Enterprise and Women's Business Enterprise. We applaud companies and organizations pledging to intentionally seek out and support minority businesses because that’s who we have been from the very beginning. 


    From the African roots of our founder and CEO, and the First Nation heritage of our CFO to the Caucasian ancestry of our CSO, we are not running the race for racial inclusion and equity.  We ARE the race and have walked the walk from our beginnings.

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