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Warning: Any adhesive can scrape, bruise or damage skin, even when applied and removed properly. 


Statement of ethical use:

Not all products work on all women.  Bra-Less Bra®, Instant Cleavage Sculpting Solution has been tested and works on numerous breast-sizes and body types.  Bra-Less Bra® does not work well with all garments, but it works on most garments, including strapless, backless, deep front-plunging and swimwear.

Bra-Less Bra® is made in the U.S.A.  Our product was engineered under the supervision of a certified dermatologist.  The hands that touch our product every step of the way have been properly compensated and are cared for in an ethical, professional environment.  These things matter when you are using a product on your skin.

Bra-Less Bra® is a NO-ANIMAL TESTING product and is manufactured in a safe and ethical environment with clean room standards.



Warning: Any adhesive can scrape, bruise or damage skin, even when applied and removed properly. 

No claims, representations or warranties, whether expressed or implied, are made by Zuke-iT® or Bra-Less Bra® as to the safety, reliability, durability and performance of Bra-Less Bra®.  Furthermore, Zuke-iT® the makers of Bra-Less Bra® accepts no liability, whatsoever, for the safety, reliability, durability and performance of Bra-Less Bra®.

Not all products work for all women.  Our testing shows that Bra-Less Bra® works for most women, however, if you have naturally moist or oily skin, Bra-Less Bra® may not properly adhere to skin.  If you have sensitive or frail skin, Bra-Less Bra® can damage skin and cause abrasion and or irritation.  Certain medical and skin diseases and conditions can lead to skin-damage when Bra-Less Bra® is adhered.  Please do not use Bra-Less Bra® if you are allergic or exhibit any allergic reactions after use.

Bra-Less Bra® works well with most garments, but not all. 

Results may vary.  The size and shape of your natural breasts are big factors in how well Bra-Less Bra® will work.  Depending on the size and shape of your breasts after application, we have found that Bra-Less Bra® doesn't always play nicely with thin or light-weight silks and satins, or some light-weight cottons or knits.  Bra-Less Bra® works great with most lined clothing, heavier fabrics used for wedding gowns, prom dresses, sundresses, bathing suits, denim and structured clothing.  It’s also fabulous beneath your existing bra for extra lift, support and comfort from ‘shoulder strap-dig’.

For best results, start with clean, dry skin.  Remove all lotions, potions, perfumes and oils in breast area and hands for best results.  This is a skin-safe adhesive but not all skin types are the same.  If you have sensitive skin, scars or moles, please consult your physician prior to use.  Be careful with application and removal.  Please remove Bra-Less Bra® slowly to avoid any tearing or irritation to skin.  Never rip the product from your skin.

 Bra-Less Bra® is water-resistant, but not waterproof and may not hold-up well if submerged in water for long periods of time.