Can Bra-Less Bra injure my skin?

Every tape can harm your skin. We have worked really hard to engineer a tape that is less likely to injure skin. The fact of the matter is, some skin is very thin and sensitive. We ask that you test the product on your skin first. But we do caution that the customer is using the product at their own risk. Rest assured we use clean products processed in an ISO certified clean-room, manufactured in the U.S.A. where standards are uniformly higher for products that come in contact with human skin.

How many women have you tested?

More than 200 women …and counting have been tested with the various iterations of Bra-Less Bra. We also hold events and test the product under the watchful eye of our Team dermatologist. Most women love it and we have to argue and fight with them to take the product off after testing. The sheer number of women tested has really helped us hone the adhesive formula and tape design to maximize the strength of the tape while being relatively gentle on the skin.

Is Bra-Less Bra waterproof?

We get that question a lot. The answer is no. The tape is not waterproof, but it is water resistant. That means if you wear it under your bathing suit, depending on your skin, it will stick, but the longer you’re in the water, the less adhesion will stay intact. It’s great for looking great, sunbathing, taking a dip in the pool, sweating at a Florida patio party, but not swimming the English Channel.

How long can I wear Bra-Less Bra?

We suggest women don’t wear Bra-Less Bra for more than 8 hours. While we have successfully tested its efficacy for much, much longer, because it is tape and it is designed to hold voluminous flesh, we suggest that women not stress their skin for extended time periods.

Can I use Bra-Less Bra under any garment?

Yes and no. A lot of it depends on your actual breast size and shape. We’ve tested women larger than a JJJ cup and the tape loved their bodies and looked fabulous with everything they put on. Conversely, we have tested it on women who are also JJJ cups and puckers appeared beneath soft silks and thin materials. Keep in mind, flesh has to go somewhere, Bra-Less Bra is that while it completely lifts the breasts, it’s the weight of the garment that re-shapes the breasts to a natural appearance.

What if you have oily skin or sweat a lot?

We have worked really hard to engineer Bra-Less Bra to be effective with different kinds of skin types. We have found that there is not a magic bullet for every woman. The tape simply doesn’t like some skin types and it has nothing to do with oil or sweat. It is very rare, but we have found 1 or 2 women whose skin simply rejects our formula. We suggest using Witch Hazel on clean skin and allowing the skin to completely dry before application. That often helps, but it doesn’t guarantee adhesion.

How do you get the best results with Bra-Less Bra?

That’s easy. Simply use on clean, dry, cool skin. Do not apply lotions, potions, oils or perfume, prior to applying Bra-Less Bra. You can apply those things after, but even a small amount of oil on your fingertips will compromise the strength. Once the tape is on, most women are good to go, we have had a few, rare occasions when the tape didn't remain adhered. So, feel free to put on Bra-Less Bra, and dance the night away without your boobs falling below your belly-button...generally speaking.

Can smaller busted women use Bra-Less Bra?

Absolutely. When you look at our training video, if you reverse the application process, women with little to no cleavage can actually create the look of cleavage. That said, most women, at some age, will fight gravity. Even young, perky B-cup breasts can sag, flatten or change shape with age, weight gain, child-bearing, or any number of factors. Bra-Less bra reverses gravity by lifting and separating the breasts. That’s the great thing about Bra-Less Bra, it’s as versatile as you are.

Can you wear Bra-Less Bra with a breast lift?

Of course. Some breast-lifts and breast augmentation procedures still give an appearance of ‘low-hanging fruit’. So even with surgically enhanced breasts, you can love your look even more… For natural breasts, Bra-Less Bra is a game changer. Pure and simple. It is the closet thing to a breast-lift without the touch of a surgeon’s knife.

Are nipple covers included with the product?

Currently, they are not and will need to be purchased separately.

How many uses can I get out of 1 10-ft roll of tape?

Please refer to our size chart.

Who in the heck is Elle?

Paula 'Elle' Tutman is the innovator, inventor and creator-preneur of Bra-Less Bra, Instant Cleavage Sculpting Solution.As a multi-Emmy winning broadcast journalist, she invented Bra-Less Bra from her personal pain-points of developing at a young age and struggling with her own self-esteem and body-image doubts in full view of the public eye.She designed the product for women she felt were being ignored by the fashion industry.She is not only the inventor--she is a proud customer.

Why the name Zuke-iT?

Founder and inventor, Elle, has a wicked sense of humor. She wanted a name that could be used as a verb.

We kept thinking, “Girls with big girls need to get it all Zuked-up”. “Zuke-iT Up, gurrrrrl”. “It’s time to get Zuked”.

The name Zuke-iT was born during a team meeting one evening, after little sleep, lots of caffeine, and a ridiculous dance around the conference room by Elle singing, “Come on Ya’ll. Zuke-iT Up with me.” The Team laughed at her and the company name was established.

Where do you ship?

Currently we ship within the U.S.A., to Canada and the UK. But soon… WORLD DOMINATION!

Will Bra-Less Bra be sold in stores?

Yes, eventually starting with bridal salons, boutiques and lingerie shops and eventually with select online retailers. That’s very possible and certainly in the plans. There is a brand that has expressed interest in carrying our product. If you know anything, at all, about retail pricing you know there is a huuuuuge mark-up and we want our product to be accessible to all women who want it. For now, we are choosing to go with Direct-to-Consumer because we control the pricing. As demand goes up for Bra-Less Bra, retailers will need to fall in line with our pricing, instead of us falling in line with theirs.

How does it work?

The product works by reshaping the breast and creating an invisible ‘shelf’ to fight gravity.

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