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Original post date: December 27, 2019

Elle, here.  Inventor and Creator-Preneur of Bra-Less Bra.

My first husband used to rudely say to me, “You have big boobs and a big jaw”.  I only stayed married to him for about a year, which was easily one year too long.  The fact of the matter is, it was easy for him to make me feel badly about myself, because in many ways, I already did.

I have struggled with large breasts since the age of 12.  I was teased from pre-teen to my college years.  I developed a schizophrenic relationship with my body.  I hated it when I couldn’t fit the halter-tops my friends wore.  I loved it when I filled-out the bathing suit.  In my younger years men never looked me in the eye first.  They were fixated on those headlights coming straight at them.  I was embarrassed by the attention and wanted men to focus on my brains, not my bra-size, yet I wanted to look and feel sexy.

By inventing Bra-Less Bra, I get to challenge women to explore every aspect of their beauty.  Naturally big breasts should not have to be hidden or obscured.  Of course gravity is not our friend when we have big breasts, but by combatting gravity while embracing our natural breast size, women can own who we are in so many ways other than how we look in a halter-top. 

There are millions of curvy women who have never ever considered the notion that one day they could have perky boobs that don’t hang and flop without an industrial strength bra or surgery.  With my invention, their fashion choices multiply.  They can wear Bra-Less Bra with or without a bra for extra lift, separation, support and VaVaVoom!  They can support their 25 mile per hour curves with self-confidence and courage.  They can embody self-confidence and big girl power.

When I wear the product I invented, there is a therapeutic value not only to the body, but the soul.  I feel light and youthful.  My back feels better.  My posture straightens.  And the most important thing beyond physical appearances—I feel better about myself.

That’s what I have loved most about inventing Bra-less Bra.  It not only lifts your breasts, but it raises your self-esteem.  I love seeing women trying my invention and then watching that inner Jessica Rabbit emerge as they own their big beautiful boobs.  I love that instead of hiding them, they celebrate them.

Let’s make a pledge together.  Let’s stop beating ourselves up.  We could always be taller, thinner, younger, have flatter bellies and smaller feet.  We are in charge of our own beauty narratives—sometimes we just need a little extra lift.  And when we see a fellow-female down on herself, let’s uplift her, too.

There are soooo many reasons I divorced that first husband.  But the thing I love most about being free of someone like that and meeting who I truly am is—it turns out, he was the bigger boob.

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