Letter of devotion

Letter of devotion

Letter of devotion

Elle, here.  Inventor and Creator-Preneur of Bra-Less Bra.

 Original post date: January 15, 2020

Almost every woman I meet believes she is a DD-cup.  I’m talking about women who are twice my size, and I’m a G-cup.  When I ask them if I can see their bra (Yep, I actually do that a lot), I see that they are sagging, have minimal coverage and zero support as their straps strain under the weight of big boobs.  Most women think they are DD-cups because that's the largest size most big-box retailers carry before women have to seek out so-called specialty boutiques for plus-size women.  If a woman has NOT been sized away from the mall or big box department store, she is probably in the wrong sized bra.

So why is this important?  Because our big boobs should be properly celebrated and cared for no matter their size.

I remember the first time I was properly fitted.  FF-cup!!!  What???  I was insulted, injured and incredulous.  I walked in a B-cup and I’m being told I’m a Double F?

As soon as I got over myself and got into the right bra, I didn’t care what the letter on the cup said, all I could feel was the support of being in the right size bra with appropriate straps to handle the weight and volume of my breasts.  I had been living life devoted to a letter of the alphabet and it wasn’t fair to my big breasts.

If you have young daughters who are big-busted please allow me to beg you to get her fitted at a reputable specialty shop.  Because if she doesn’t have support as she grows into her breasts or as her breasts grow with her, she could develop early ‘sag’ when the breasts start to pull down from the muscle.  Some of my friends call breasts that hang--Snoopy Ears or Low-Hanging Fruit or pancake-boob.  Whatever her size, the messaging comes from you.  F’s are only bad on math and chemistry tests.  For breasts, it’s fine to run with the alphabet all the way to the other end if it means living a healthy lifestyle.

Ladies, good breast health is worth the time and travel to find a bra shop away from the mall to get properly fitted.  You can use my invention, Bra-Less beneath that sweet, frilly, lacey beautiful demi-bra for extra lift and support so you look great for the big show.  Just make sure you take off the breast-tape just before the curtains go down.

Industry statistics show that 75% of us are a D-cup or larger.  Unfortunately, the fashion industry has micro-focused on only 25% of the population while making the rest of us feel rotten.  Let’s change the conversation together.  It starts by losing our devotion to that letter in the alphabet that has nothing to do with our beauty.  True Beauty comes from within and, of course, a little lift from your friends at Bra-Less Bra.



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